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Galapagos Tortoise on Beach

1st day: Quito / Guayaquil – flight – Galapagos: Baltra Island & Tortuga Bay

Pickup (5:30am)
After our breakfast, we transfer to the airport in Quito and fly to Baltra Island We are now in the unique and mysterious world of the “Galapagos Islands” truly an experience of a life time. Our flight departs at 08h00 and arrive at 10h00. Upon arrival in Baltra Island, we proceed to the immigration area, we present our passports and our guide will help us with all formalities required for all visitors. We then meet our certified Galapagos national park service guide and will help us pick up our luggage, and accompany us to the port of Seymour in a short bus ride, Then you will go to the hotel and have lunch.

Afterwards, we will take an excursion to one of the most beautiful beaches in Galapagos, Tortuga Bay, by taking a short 30 minute walk (2.5 km) west from Puerto Ayora on a marked path. As you walk along this path, the route is great for bird watching; making it easy to spot several species such as lava lizard and some of Darwin finches. The sunsets here are excellent. It is worth noting that this area has two beaches. One is the “Brava Beach” with lots strong waves. The other is called “Mansa Beach” which is as calm as a lagoon, making it a perfect swimming area and a nice spot for relaxing. For a more soothing experience, we recommended bathing in the area with the calm waves that resemble a lagoon. The “White Sand Beach” is considered by many, the nicest of the archipelago. Its name comes from the sea turtles that go there to lay their eggs.

Depending on the time of the year, other species can be found; including pelicans, flamingos and marine iguanas. Return to the Hotel. Overnight.

Galapagos crab behind rocks by beach Galapagos Giant Turtle

2nd day: Galapagos: Sail Tour to Bartolome Island

Your day starts between 05h50 – 06h00, with a transfer to Itabaca Channel to take the yacht, which will take you to Bartolomé Island. Breakfast will be served on board, while sailing, after 2.5 hours sail you will reach the island.

Bartolomé Island has the most colorful landscapes throughout the archipelago. The island is famous for the Pinnacle Rock, a rock formation that resembles an obelisk. Upon arrival, you have to walk 600m up, of a wood stairway (30 to 40 minutes), at the bottom you can appreciate a spectacular landscape of two beautiful bays and observe fascinating lava formations and volcanic cones that will give you the impression that you're walking on the moon.

The main attraction of this island is known as Pinnacle Rock. This is a huge formation of black lava that has eroded over time but different parts of the island have different origins, some with fresh lavas and spatter cones and others consisting of eroded tuff formations.

This is the perfect place to observe the Galapagos penguins swimming in tropical waters; which it is the only of its kind that inhabits the equator. On the beach located southwards of the island you will find marine turtles (only from January to March), stingrays, Galapagos sharks and many other unique marine species.

In the afternoon, you will have 45 minutes for snorkeling at Sullivan Bay, located very close to Bartolome Island. Early in the afternoon you sail back to Puerto Ayora, and overnight.

(Breakfast, lunch included)

Two Galapagos Sea Lions on Beach red Belly Frigatte

3rd day: Puerto Ayora - Isabela Island: Tintoreras.

The guide picks you up at 6h00 and takes you to the Pier of Santa Cruz Island. At 07h00 your speed boat leaves from the main dock from Puerto Ayora, and after a 2 hours sail you reach Islabela Island. (Please remind, that you have to pay USD 1,- per person for the water taxi, from the dock to the speed boat).

Once you arrive, you have to pay a fee of USD 5,- per person, at the dock of Isabela Island. Here, another guide welcomes you and takes you to your accommodation place. After lunch, we will sail to “Islote Tintoreras” a large crevice with very clear, calm water in which white-tip sharks (“tintoreras”) rest daily on the bottom. We can also see penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas and snorkel with sharks and colorful tropical fishes while enjoying the beaches of Isabela. 

(Breakfast, lunch included)

Galapagos Blue-Footed Boobies Galapagos Iguana

4th day: Galapagos: Isabela Island: Lava Tunnels

Today you will explore the Lava Tunnels, you will reach this spot after an approximately 30 to 40 minutes sail. At this place, the lava flow impacted with the oceans waves to form the stunning tubes and bridges of “Los Tuneles”.

This is a marine paradise for the white tipped reef sharks (names Tintoreras), manta rays, parrotfish, yellowtail surgeonfish, Galápagos green sea turtle and the Galápagos sea lion. A walk through this incredible place is once in a lifetime landscape.

This marine sanctuary is one of the most spectacular places for snorkeling in Isabela as the water is shallow, clear and calm, and its unique geologic formations.

The lava flows have formed arches and tunnels both under and above water, where you find animal species that have taken up residence in these magnificent formations. The entry into this site is shallow and the waves can be quite strong, for this reason it is not always feasible to enter this site. After Lunch free day to enjoy the beach.

(Breakfast, lunch included)

Galapagos Blue-Footed Boobies Galapagos Beach

5th day: Isabela Island - Ferry - Puerto Ayora - Highlands of Santa Cruz

At 06h00 leaves the speed boat from Puerto Velasco Ibarra to Puerto Ayora. After a 2 hours sail, you arrive at Santa Cruz Island qnd you continue to your hotel. Breakfast. After Lunch, we will take an excursion to the highlands of Santa Cruz Island.

The Scenery will continuously change as we ascend through all seven vegetation zones of the Galapagos. We will be able to view the giant tortoises at a farm in the highlands. Then we will visit the twins (los gemelos), a pair of large pit craters or sinkholes where we find the bright red male vermilion flycatcher and to "the tunnels", the largest lava tunnels found in Galapagos.

(Breakfast, lunch included)

Galapagos Crab Extreme Closeup Galapagos Twilight Sailships

6th day: Puerto Ayora – Baltra Island – Quito/Guayaquil

After breakfast you will be picked up from your hotel and your driver takes you to Baltra airport, where you will take your flight back to the mainland. 

If you had an extension to your tour, you will receive the details of your continuing itinerary from your guide.

Galapagos Sea Lions Beach Galapagos Landscape


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