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Galapagos Lodging


Booking a Galapagos Hotel with Zenith Travel will provide you with several added benefits, including transfers between your hotel and the airport.

Galapagos Bookings will enjoy special discounts on other packages such as cruises (requires pre-booking), dive sites and land tours on the islands. Select the hotel you wish to stay at and we'll handle the rest.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, booking a hotel with Zenith will help you relax when you need it most.

La Laguna Hotel is located in Galapagos, specifically in Isabela Island which is the largest island from the Galapagos Archipelago. It has six large volcanic domes; one of these is Sierra Negra Volcano which is the most famous active volcano in the island.

The hotel has a complete Bar & Restaurant with Ecuadorian and Galapagos cuisine and different kind of drinks.

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Hotel located near the harbor with private rooms, TV and telephone. Breakfast and meal included at the restaurant.

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The Hotel España, it is property of a native, traditional and pioneering family of Tortoises, descendants from one of the first settlers of the Island Santa Cruz, is administered directly by his owners. You will be able to enjoy a familiar and cozy environment, also it will be able to share and to listen to anecdotes and form of life of the settling of the Islands Tortoise in last century.

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On the Island of Santa Cruz, nestled in the rich highlands within a 500 acre property, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, The Royal Palm Hotel is the only five-star hotel in the Galapagos National Park.

The hotel was thoughtfully designed and built with extreme sensitivity to its natural surroundings, while offering comfort and service of the highest order.

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The Red Mangrove Adventure Inn is an intimate, relaxing, and unique ecological paradise. Nine spacious, creatively-decorated rooms and suites-each carrying a color-theme-offer you the finest of accommodations in a private bungalow nestled among red mangrove trees. Each room is clean, comfortable, and equipped with private hot bath, ceiling fan.

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In the Island Santa Cruz - Galapagos in the year of 1958 the former Hotel began to serve the first scientists who traveled up to the islands to work at the Charles Darwin Center. With the passage of time and increased demand more cabins were constructed to let other visitors enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of his people and his environment.

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The Hotel Silberstein, formerly known as the Hotel Angermeyer, is a modern, intimate, and beautifully-landscaped hotel. It has 22 clean, romantic rooms, each containing private hot bath, ceiling fan and air-conditioning, and a view toward the lush courtyard/swimming pool area. There are 11 matrimonial double rooms, eight double rooms with twin beds, and three triple rooms.

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Located directly on the pristine white sand beach of Galapagos’ most beautiful and peaceful island, Hotel Albemarle offers guests a chance to explore the Galapagos’ famous natural wonders from the comfort of the island’s most luxurious hotel.

This Anglo-Galapagoan family run hotel offers an exceptional standard of comfort within a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel’s subtle Portuguese-Mediterranean architecture perfectly accompanies the towering palm trees and fine sand that are found on its doorstep, whilst the central courtyard optimizes the flow of equatorial sun and pure pacific air.

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Hotel Mainao Inn is located at Puerto Ayora’s Matazarnos and Indefatigable streets (Santa Cruz Island).

Hotel Mainao Inn has 19 rooms including single, double / matrimonial, triple, quadruple and 3 suites with a view to the sea.

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Casa Natura is a small charming hotel recently opened in February, 2009 in Puerto Ayora, on the island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos Archipelago. This port is home to the Charles Darwin Research Station, which is devoted to the investigation of the unique wildlife that can be found on the islands.

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The Hotel San Vicente is located in the Island Isabela (2000 inhabitants approximately, the majority fishermen's family), the big mas in extension of the archipelago of Tortoises.

The hotel possesses all the comforts and qualit characteristics to offer to him a splendid demurrage without worries, in addition we possess a program of walk (tourist operation) which will be able to observe and to know the endemic species, volcanoes, beaches and wonderful own sites of the Island accompanied of a specialized guide.

The excursions are daily with point of exit and I return to the hotel.

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Our hotel enjoys a lease of luxury, placed approximately 30 meters from the Pelican Bay.

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Situated on Isabella Island, “La Casa de Marita Hotel” offers the visitor a unique land base perspective on Galapagos.

Visitors can observe the majority of Galapagos endemic wildlife, knowing that the comforts of La Casa de Marita from which a variety of day trips can be organized, await them at the end of every day.

La Casa de Marita's seeks to combine all of the traditional qualities of an international standard hotel, such as comfort, privacy, and service with the family atmosphere of a large vacation home of the Italian countryside.

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Grand Hotel Lobo de Mar, classic and elegant is located in the economic and tourist center of the Galapagos Islands, Santa Cruz - Puerto Ayora. It is easily accessible and close to the best establishments for tourist entertainment.

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