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Written by Jonathan Galliano Dec (07-15 2016)

We are 3 days into our Galapagos island based package and can't say enough about how well organised all the day tours have been and how experienced the crew and guides are. The accomodation and restaurants have also been excellent but of course we have been most impressed at the abundance of wildlife and uniqueness of each of the islands. So far it has exceeded our expectations so would like to thank you for all your work and recommendations.

Best Regards

Written by Haliana de Wit - Feb (14-19 2016)

We are starting our last morning here on Baltra Island.

The weather has been sunny, warm and of course humid but thankfully no rain. Cesar was a wonderful guide when we hiked to Tortuga Bay and the swim there was lovely.

Well deserved after the hike!

Yesterday Philipe was excellent as our guide on Seymour. We saw many birds ,seals and land iguanas. During our afternoon swim we saw where the turtles are starting to lay their eggs. All the guides are very knowledgeable and pleasant.

Also the restaurants where we have our meals have been very good. We enjoyed walking around the city and found it safe, friendly and very clean.

Warm regards!!!

Written by Mose, Alessandra, Valerio and Giada

Your work has been simply excellent, fantastic and perfect. We are enthusiastic both of Galapagos and the Ecuador trip. Your suggestions were very useful and the Cotococha Lodge in the forest has been a magic experience.

You are a lucky guy to live in that beautiful country!!!!!

We're going to suggest your agency to any of our friends interested to a trip there and, as we told you, we'd like to give the contact of Zentith travel to a friend of us travelling in agency in Italy (if you like).

We are looking forward to come back..... Probably in Perù!!!

Thank really a lot for everything!!!!!

Written by Richard Calling

We had an outstanding experience with Zenith Travel. Liliana handled our Cruise reservations for the Legend Ship as well as several ancillary portions of travel and lodging during our visit to Ecuador . She responded to every single question we asked (and there were a lot) in a very timely, honest manner. I began my research for our trip here on Trip Advisor and mentioned the posts I had read here for her comment.

We had specifically asked for a response regarding some negative posts about the Legend Ship. She reassured us that she had visited the ship herself and that it was definitely first class.

The whole Galapagos experience as conducted by the staff and guides of the Legend was impeccable. A smoothly operated, finely tuned experience.

It offered as much depth and as much generality as each passenger required.

Liliana was an excellent communicator who handled all of the details superbly.

I could not have been more pleased with our experience and the efforts of Zenith Travel via Liliana to make for a flawless exposure to a most fascinating experience in nature.

Written by Armando y Mariana Medina

Quisiera decirte que el viaje superó nuestras expectativas por mucho.

El servicio que ustedes nos brindaron ha sido como muy pocos, eficiente, todo cordinado, super amables, la atención ni que decir,; ojalá y así fuera en todos nuestros viajes!!!!!

El crucero mucho mejor de lo que nos imaginamo, originalmente el crucero lo habíamos planeado con la linea Celebrity, definitívamente que bueno que no lo hicimos con ellos. El Explorer fue mucho mejor, nos sentimos como en casa y la atención tan personalizada recibida por todos los integrantes de la tripulación difícilmente la hubiesemos recibido en Celebrity. Valió la pena!!!

Aquí en Mérida nuestros amigos (incluso los de Perú a los que visitamos) nos han preguntado acerca de Ecuador en especial Galápagos y que cómo nos había ido; nuestra respuesta ha sido que es un viaje que vale la pena y les hemos comentado del servicio que nos dieron ustedes y en el barco y se los hemos recomendado ampliamente.

Por lo que he visto, en México no hay mucha promoción sobre Ecuador y Galápagos, por ejemplo, veo que en EUA y Europa la empresa del barco, Condor, tiene representantes en esos paises, incluso Sudamérica, excepto México. Vale la pena tanto Ecuador que no se como no supimos antes de todos los lugares que hay que visitar, como por ejemplo, la ruta de los volcanes, pueblos, ruinas, selva amazónica, playas, etc.

Mi esposa y yo hemos platicado que nos gustaría regresar y hacer el circuito que teníamos originalmente mas los lugares antes mencionados; lo vamos a poner en la lista de lugares a los que queremos regresar y, por supuesto que le contactaremos para que nos organizen el tour.

Tambien quisiera mencionarte que la atención de Liliana fue de primera, estuvo en todo momento pendiente de nosotros, en especial cuando en noviembre tuvimos que cancelar el viaje por motivos de salud. Ella nos ayudó muchísimo e hizo que pudieramos reprogramar el viaje sin ningún contratiempo, lo cual nos dió mucha tranquilidad.
Bueno, les agradezemos nuevamente todas sus atenciones y les mandamos un fuerte abrazo.

Written by Ursula Heins

Dear you all travelers, Just returning home in switzerland after 3 weeks trip in ecuador and Galapagos organised by Zenith travel, we can only say positiv things regarding the organisation of our holidays made by this travel agency.

We were extremely busy during the planing time and Marcos Endara was patient and reminded us gently to take position on what they proposed us. Every thing was very well planed, the guides were helpful, they followed our demands during our trip. No transfer problem. The hotels booked were perfect, the one in Mariscal was loudly, but Zenith advised us for this before we went there. The service in the Nü House was gentle and central with 2 boys (17-19) that was the good choice.

We missed the booking time for the boat we wanted in Galapagos (only our fault), and Zenith was able to book the week we wanted on an other boat (much nicer than the one we would have chosen alone) for so few $ difference thanks to them. By the way, we can highly recommand you the Treasury of Galapagos I which is an 5*L for the place, the food, the cruise and the guide.

It was the first time we booked directly trough a local travel agency and though internet. If each travel agency is as good as this one, we are ready to fly abroad more and more !!!
we went to Napo Wild life 4 days it was great experience. And do not hesitate, you wont see an ocelot female feeding her babies, but it was paradies.

In Banos we did not catch the opportunities to rent a bike or a cart to go down and this is a regret from our sons. If we had to do this trip again we would plane half a day for that.

Written by Sarah Morgan

My husband and I booked with Zenith Travel for our trip to the Galapagos Islands and can only say positive things about our experience.

Firstly, we had Zenith travel recommended to us by 2 other couples who had travelled with them over the years and when we researched their prices they were definitely good value for what was being offered. Of course for the cheapest prices it is better to book at the last minute but we wanted the security of knowing what we were getting prior to arriving.

In terms of their communication we found this to be one of Zenith's major strengths both prior to booking and even after payment had been received. Marcos Endara was extremely efficient with replying to emails, even apologising for a one day delay (on Christmas Day) and this made working with Zenith very easy and gave us great piece of mind. 
From the start we were given a range of land and cruise packages to choose from and we actually booked both of these for our 10 days in the Galapagos. As there are limited scuba diving options off live aboard boats we asked Zenith to not only arrange an 8 day cruise for us but also to help with 2 days on Santa Cruz island including a scuba dive. What Marcos organised for us was perfect for our needs.

The hotel in Santa Cruz, The Pelican Bay Hotel, was great for the price we paid and the Scuba Dive through Albatross Dive Company was excellent. It ended up being only the 2 of us diving (something we have not experienced anywhere else in the world) and it meant that our day catered for our needs beautifully. It even gave us the opportunity to go to Tortuga Bay for the afternoon, a must if you stay on Santa Cruz!

In terms of our cruise we had booked on a boat for 16 people and were initially disappointed to discover that we had been moved to a boat of up to 32. In speaking with Marcos, however, this was done due to complaints on the boat we had chosen and as he knew it was our honeymoon he had done everything to ensure this was a special experience for us - not only putting us on a very nice boat but with an upgrade of room type as well.

We ended up on the Coral I, a fantastic boat with excellent food, service and crew, if a bit of an older clientele which we were fine with. Our guides were outstanding and the whole experience certainly lived up to expectations. We would definitely agree that the 8 day cruise is the best way to see the Galapagos due to things like arrival and departure day, as well as change over day. 8 days gives you the chance to see all of the unique animals, experience a range of snorkelling environments and see the diverse landscape of a number of the islands.

With all of these positive experiences, the Galapagos Islands holiday that Marcos had organised for us was a once in a lifetime trip and one that was definitely worth the money we paid. Not only this but the pick-up and drop off service was outstanding, Marcos took us to the airport himself at 6am and then waited with us to help ensure a smooth check-in, walking us to the gate! He was also very professional in providing us with a personalised itinerary with all information we needed for our time on Santa Cruz by ourselves.

Finally, Marcos also went above and beyond as our travel agent for the Galapagos - he spent part of his work day personally taking us to another travel agent on the other side of Quito to help us book the cheap flights to Colombia (we had done A LOT of our own research and the prices he offered were a lot better than any other we had found).

I can only speak highly of our experience with Zenith Travel and Marcos.

Written by Per Urdahl & Bente Grindrud

Me and my wife living in Norway just arrived back from three wonderful weeks in Ecuador and Galapagos (7 nights) organized by Lilian at Zenith Travel. We chose their services after a long research periode on the net due to their very quick and polite response and very reasonable prices. We made our own decision not to go on a cruise knowing we might happen to be in a boat with people we elsewhere would have avoided and. We also knew that waiting for a last minute offer from the cruise companies may have given a lower price. Coming all the way from Norway we decided that daytrips from Santa Cruz and from Isabella islands both would fulfill our wishes to experience the fantastic biodiversity and also meet the people actually inhabiting these islands.

We made an itinerary together with Lilian taking us on three weeks fantastic experiences through Cotopaxi, Banos, Riobamba, Cuenca, Caja, Puerto Lopez, Guayaquil, Santa cruz, Isabella and finally 5 days in and out of Quito in our new "home away" - the beautiful boutique hotel Vieja Cuba.

Wherever we went this complex itinerary was fulfilled to the exact appointed times.

Ecuador and Galapagos are fantastic and not the least the people are even more fantastic.

We will not hesitate chosing Zenith Travel to anyone and surely will select them when going back.

Written by Steve and Carrah

My fiance and I thought Marcos Endara at Zenith Travel was amazing! I've traveled alot and have never had a travel agent take care of us the way he did.

We booked a 8 day 7 night trip to the Galapagos through Zenith. I read about Zenith in Frommer's so I knew it was a good company. It seemed like there were alot of shady travel companies online when I was looking for trips to the islands, so I went with Frommer's suggestion and it paid off. Besides getting prompt return emails, I got phone calls from Marcos randomly checking in to see if I had any questions.

I knew I wanted to do a land based tour of the islands because 1) it was cheaper, and 2), I didn't want to be stuck on a boat with 14 other people that I might not like for a week straight.

When we arrived in Quito at 8pm, we found out our bags were still in Miami.... this was a big problem because we were flying to the islands at 7am the next day. Marcos Endara picked us up for the airport, took us to the hotel, and promised he would follow up on our bags since neither of us spoke Spanish and couldn't talk to the LAN lost luggage department. 2 days later our bags arrived at our hotel room. We were so relieved, especially after we found out Marcos went to the airport, got our bags, put them on a plane to the Galapagos, arranged for a taxi to take them to the ferry, arranged for the ferry to take them to another taxi, and arranged for the last taxi to take them to our hotel. That's above and beyond what any travel agent would ever do.

Our 8 day trip was amazing! The tour that Zenith set up was exactly what we wanted. Our hotels were nice, the guides were great, the food was soooo good, and we didn't have to sleep on a cramped boat for a week. Marcos even told me what beach I should go to to propose!

After talking with alot of the people in our tours, it sounded like we paid the least for our trip out of the 30+ people we talked to.

When we arrived back in Quito after our trip to the islands, Marcos picked us up, took us a few miles down the road to LAN to change our flight plans home, then took us to our hotel. He set up day trips for 3 days while we were in Quito. One was a city tour, one was a day trip to Otovalo Market and Peguche waterfall, and the last day was white water rafting. I recommend them all!

We couldn't have asked for a better trip and we couldn't have asked for a better travel agent.

Thank you Marcos and thank you Zenith Travel for doing such a great job.

Our engagement trip wouldn't have been the same without all your help.

Written by Claudia Bernardi

Our trip with Zenith Travel to Galapagos (8days) and the Amazon (3days) was excellent and i would recommend Zenith Travel to anybody who is asking me. Even the next time i would choose Zenith Travel.

The 8-day-cruise was for us a 7-day-cruise. on the first day we arrived on the boat around 1pm and as we were arriving the suddenly surved us a lunch menu. that was a very good service. on the last day we did a 1.5hr boat-cruise whitch was also impressive. so in total we had arround 7days on the islands.

We choose the SAMBA-Boat because also we did a lot of research in advance. and in our research we got the information, how the cabin looks like because we asked. you cant expect all details from a travel agency without asking. We also were on our honeymoon and so we just enjoy our trip. we did not asked the others exactely about the price but when we decided to choose Zenith Travel then because the price was right for us.

Its very very easy to say afterwards, it was to expensive. There are also last-minute-prices and if you get one of that - you pay less. Everywhere in world it is like this.

We enjoed every day on our honeymoon and we can recommend Zenith Travel as a very competent and good Travel Agnecy.

I hope our comment helps to choose Zenith Travel!

Written by Victoria. Schind

Amazing how diverse experiences can be. We had an amazing trip with Zenith. Of course, having read many posts before going to Ecuador, we knew that last minute options were the best way to book.

We arrived in Ecuador and booked 3 days later on the most fabulous boat - the Odessey. I would highly recommend this boat - it was huge. Not only did we have an enormous bedroom with a queen size bed, the bathroom had a double shower and a counter longer than mine at home. All the common areas on the boat were wonderful and very well appointed. Lovely woodwork etc.

Zenith came to our hotel and showed a lot of patience as we got our Paypal account working. They then walked us to the airlines and ensured we had everything we needed. We had contact by email for the next couple of days to ensure we were set up. After our trip, we wrote for another service and their reply was prompt and courteous.

We found prices that people paid on the boat varied according to when they booked. Most of us booked within the last week and our prices were very similar, although Zenith and one other travel company were the best. 
It pays to do last minute, if you can tolerate not knowing exactly what day and boat you will be on.

Galapagos is wonderful and well worth ensuring you have a large enough boat to feel comfortable, but small enough to enjoy the excursions. 16 was perfect!

Written by Rita Ranger

We just returned from Ecuador and we booked our land based tour and an Amazon tour with Zenith. I dealt with Liliana at Zenith and she maintained excellent communication throughout the process and answered any questions we had, before and after I paid, in a very timely manner. By booking a tour through them they included an initial pick up and final drop off at the airport even though our tours were in the middle of our Ecuador trip. The trips they booked were great, they were reasonably priced and all pickups and drop offs were right on time. One other couple we met on our Amazon trip had booked through GAP and paid significantly more for the same package. While in Mariscal we dropped in on Liliana at Zenith and she was very welcoming and helped us with advice on bus travel to different locations and other travel tips. Overall our experience with Zenith was very positive, obviously that hasn't been the case for all.

As a general travel tip, if you are traveling in the off season as we did and your schedule is flexible we saw some fantastic last minute deals at various travel agents in Quito (Mariscal) for cruises in the Galapagos.

Written by Allen Roscoe

Hello Marcos. Thanks for your note. You deserve a 5 star award for the planning you did to get us to the Galapagos. Liliana was our point-of-contact leading up to our trip and she was outstanding. During our time in Quito, we did walk past your office but it was closed. We spent very little time in Quito but would have liked to have met. I would highly recommend Zenith to anyone who asked me about planning a tour to Ecuador, including the Galapagos. The Islands were truely a once in a life experience. When we returned to the states, a cable channel in the USA had a three hour documentary on the Galapagos Islands. Having just returned, we enjoyed watching on TV what we had just experienced live. Thank you for such outstanding service.

Written by Laura Celesti-Grapow and Janos Grapow

Dear Marcos,

We hope that you are well. Thank you very much for organizing our trip to Ecuador, everything was just PERFECT. From the first e-mail you promptly understood our wishes, endured all our changes and gave us by far the best options and the best prices !!! Once in Ecuador we felt very safe because you really looked after us and kindly assisted us in every need. The Archipell cruise was great, the boat is very spacious and comfortable, the crew very friendly, the food delicious and Luis is an excellent guide. Looking at the other boats from our sun deck we felt really privileged: no boat was so modern and comfortable as ours! Our children loved it thoroughly. We strongly recommend your agency to anybody travelling in Ecuador.

Written by romeo kilayko, jr.

hi! this is long overdue, on behalf of my filipino friends based in aruba, i would like to commend Rodrigo Morejon of zenith travel for the best service as our tourguide in our last september ecuador trip. it was awesome, and mind you he extended the extra mile of staying til late just to accommodate us and make sure our tours are in order. he treated us like family, not as guests and that made it more special. ecuador is surprisingly beautiful, its people and culture. Godbless and looking forward to seeing you all in your beautiful country. rodrigo, dude, remember to visit aruba, we are waiting for you!

Written by Brigitte Groger

Leguane waren es, die uns auf der Reise-Seite der Frankfurter Rundschau ansahen und einen lange gehegten Wunsch wieder erwachen lie?en: Dort wollen wir hin.Im Internet suchten wir nach Agenturen, die uns behilflich sein sollten, unsere individuell geplante Reise auch durchfuhren zu konnen. Von den angeschriebenen Agenturen antwortete lediglich Zenith Travel in Quito.Da wir noch nie in Sudamerika waren, lasen wir viel uber das Land und die Galapagos-Inseln. Welche Inseln wollen wir besuchen, mit welchem Schiff wollen wir unterwegs sein, mit einer Segelyacht oder Motoryacht, die etwa 20 Personen fasst oder mit einem gro?en Schifft fur etwa 100 Fahrgaste?

Fur den Aufenthalt auf dem Festland gab es zu uberlegen, in welchen Stadten wir bleiben und welche Sehenswurdigkeiten wir besuchen wollten. Mieten wir uns ein Auto, fliegen wir oder fahren wir mit offentlichen Verkehrsmitteln?

All diese Fragen und Planungen gaben wir per e-mail an Marcos Endara, den Bossvon Zentih-Travel weiter, der uns uberaus freundlich und geduldig alle Wunsche undAnderungswunsche erfullte.

Abschlie?end, nach gelungener Reise, konnen wir sagen, dass Ecuador ein wunderschones Reiseland ist mit freundlichen Menschen, beeindruckender Natur und dass die Galapagos-Inseln mit ihren Leguanen, Schildkroten, Seelowen, den Vogelarten einmalig und beeindruckend sind.

Mit vielem Dank an Marcos Endara, Zenith-Travel in Quito.

Written by Justin Fromm

Hi Marcos! I'm back at work today :(

I want to thank you for setting up our trip, Stacy and I had a fantastic time and came back with almost 500 photographs! (mostly digital). Everyone on the boat was very nice and the crew were excellent. This was definitely a trip of a lifetime for us.

When you're next in NYC, send an email, we'd love to meet up for a drink - really.

Written by Russ

Hi Marcos!

It's hard to believe that my dream vacation has come and gone........I had such a wonderful time!!! It was like a fantasy. I picked up my pictures a few days ago.....some of them came out really great. Jerry and I are exchanging copies, so when I have everything, I may put them in an album.

I can't thank you enough for all you did. From organizing the trip, to providing transportation and spending time with us!!!! It really was nice getting to know you better and meeting your crazy friends!!!!

I would love to visit Quito sometime and please remember to contact me when you have free time in NJ. I'd love to have you and Tom visit or I can come up to Jersey City.

Thanks again and say Hi to the "girls" for me!!!!

Written by Joyce Gale

Dear Marcos, We have returned home with the most wonderful memories of our Ecuadorian adventures. We want to thank you for all the arrangements you made which worked out perfectly. The crew and the guide on the floreanna were very helpful and friendly and did their utmost to please. And of course the Galapagos thrilled us, as it has all the thousands of others who have visited there. I would also add that we loved the Mansion des Angels and would certainly recommend you and the hotel to others. Muchisimo gracias para todo. Joyce Gale, Gene Smith, Judith Wolman

Written by Gary W. Swanson

Marcos, many thanks for arranging my trip to Ecuador. All went smoothly and I enjoyed seeing your country. Hector Clavijo was a great tour guide and he took good care of me. He knows nature, birds, geography, and the cultural aspects of each province. I highly recommend him. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for Zenith Travel.

Written by Yaakov Hameiri

Dear Marcos!

We arrived to our home good and safely. Now is the time to tell you how we appreciated you organizing our trip, everything was more than 100% from the first minute till the end, from Oscar, your driver, till all the guides, from "Galapagos Legend" till " Sacha Lodge."

We hope that we will have the opportunity to use your talent in the future, at least to recommend you to everyone how mean to travel to Ecuador and Galapagos!

So thank you again and All the best behalf of all our small group.